Living conditions within the colony

New Bransonites consider their town to be one of the last bastions of civilization in the midwest, and while the living conditions are far better than those had by scroungers out in the wastes; they aren’t perfect.

Agriculture within New Branson consists of large crops of whatever seeds take to the ground, which varies from season to season. The farm corps has had success regularly bringing in a healthy harvest of dent corn, wheat and other cereal grains, and a few local strains of squash, gourds and pumpkin. Furthermore, a few herds of livestock are maintained, consisting of cattle, goats, pigs and chickens. The chickens are the most prized of the three due to their fast maturation time which prevents their flesh from being as tainted as the larger animals tend to gather over their life (although no man has ever been recorded complaining about a steak). The goats and cattle are milked which yeilds a reasonable harvest of milk regularly. Lastly, the dream maintains a small apirary, which is a heavily guarded secret to anyone outside of the middle to upper levels of government. The group of bees are nurtured and babied by high ranking av priests and farmercorps officers. The apiary is believed to be the backbone behind the town’s farms and is likely one of the last living hives in the world. The apiary is considered third after Papie himself and the radio relay in regards to levels of importance in the event of an attack, outranking even the media archives.

With these resources the town produces a large supply of beer which is distributed evenly across the ranks as a reliable and enjoyable method of nutrition and relaxation. High society can also expect small amounts of wine or hard liquors. The grain is also regularly processed into bread, porrages and eaten toasted out of hand.

The dent corn is ground into meal and served as a gruel to all levels of society needing more nutrition, although most lower class individuals rely on it as their staple food, as the rations get quite thin the lower you go.

Meats that aren’t prepared fresh are quickly whisked away to the butchers shop where they’re processed into sausages, jerky, and other less perishable goods. These are typically only given out to the upper to middle class, and usually reserved for special occasions for the middle to lower classes. Bones, joints, heads and other assorted parts are boiled into headcheese, the skins of the animals are either tanned for leather or used in additional foods (such as chitlins). Even the bones are ground and used in the fields. No part goes to waste.

Living conditions within the colony

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