The American Dream

Led by the enigmatic “Papie Sam” The Cult of the American Dream is a relatively small collection of individuals located in southwest Missouri. The groups central goal is to remake the world in the image of the world before the bomb dropped via re-establishing proper farmland, commerce, and law. Unlike other ‘cults’ the American Dream is not centered around a single deity or creator. Instead it idolizes the images of the past, of the men and women who appeared greater than gods in the days before the bomb dropped. These images are dubbed “Saints” as they’re considered a paragon example of the world they strive to remake.

The central tenants and source of the groups ideals can be found in the holy library, a massive collection of books, films, records, 8-track, cassette, VHS and Betamax tapes. These libraries are protected with fanatic devotion. “Services” will typically take place three times a week in which a priest of the dream will play a piece of holy media and then expound on what can be learned from it.

Saints rendered from the tape include figures like “Saint Hogan”, a patron saint of strength, brawling, and tenacity, “Saint Selleck” a patron of Law, Investigation and masculinity, and smaller splinter ‘cults’ within the larger cult, such as the “Cult of the A-Team”, who are widely revered by both greasers and warriors alike. While there is no definitive list of saints or their patron, many individuals will select a patron saint to observe and emulate and even worship (although this reverence shall never usurp the reverence for the american dream and papie himself)

The present condition of the cult is a tipsy one. Their former home near St. Louis was raided and destroyed, many died and much was lost, however the protocols in place to keep Papie and the holy library alive and intact went off flawlessly. After regrouping the cult formed a convoy going south. After fighting off raiders in the midlands for hours on end they finally came to a safe location in southwest Missouri. It’s been roughly a year since the founding of New Branson. Crops have begun to grow, local tribes and warlords have been negotiated with or destroyed, and the group has successfully remained reclusive and secretive to keep their crops and water supply safe from those who would take it.

The American Dream

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