Name – Vehicle (If applicable) – Character note 1 – Character note 2 or quote

Red – Biplane – Follower of Saint Wedge Antilles – Limited weapons capability on plane

Nurse Sawbones – Yugo 45 – Follows saint hogan – Not the brightest in medicine, but maybe the strongest
Doogie – 13 year old capable medic – Wishes he had a better nickname

Tooth – Dirtbike – Favors grenades and brass knuckles – So loyal it’s creepy, but its not, ya know?
Atlas – Indian Chief – big ass sword
Kick – Dirtbike (Brother of Ash) – Capable far range scout, skilled sniper spotter

Crane – 2 man Dune Buggy – (Fraternal twin of magpie) – Albino
Incant – dune buggy – understands natural remedies and folk medicine, and maybe spells we can’t really be sure of anything out here in the wastes anymore.
Bad Times Brown – quadbike –
Jimmybob – quadbike
Smashface – Ford F150 – SMASHFACE SMASH FACE! – Mutation gives him considerable size.
Hellen Highwater – Amphibious Quad

Road Warriors
Lucha – El-Camino – Skilled wrestler and athelete – How does that mask not smell like 300 year old refried beans if you never take it off?
Duke Phoenix – Firebird – Jack of all trades – Never misses action movie sermons
Fluque – Delorian – Pretty darn lucky in general – Yes, she’s seen the movie, no it can’t.
Frock – Aston Martin Lagonda – Fancies himself a lovechild between Bond and Q – Manages to somehow keep his shirts relatively white.
Frank – Nova SS – Reliable – Quiet

Mr. Caine – Elderly Safecracker, gunsmith, former GE engineer – Likes to keep it professional
Pickle – Stabby – Would probably be in prison for something really fucked up in the old world.

Magpie – Fraternal twin of crane
Rat – Lanky and thin – really good at scrambling through rubble and bombed out buildings
Kit Sink – Big’ ol’ full backpack. – How the fuck do you carry that and why did you have exatly three six inch eyebolts with the right threading right in that pocket?

Bounty Hunters
Ash – Sniper (Sister of Kick) – Prefers to work with her brother as spotter – one hell of a shot
Muddy – Trapper/Survivalist – Could probably make it out there on his own – likes the food here.
Professor Deerslug – Shotgunner – Not really a professor (or an academic in any way)

Buzz Whirrclank – Fast, Cheap and Dirty – Lost his spot on the road rangers after burning his seventh transmission driving like a maniac.
Stanley – If you’re in no hurry, one hell of a mechanic – Rightfully a patron of Saint MacGyver
Duck – Has managed to come up with his own recipe for duct tape – still has the good stuff for really important fixes
Torque – Engine block lifting strong – Can easily get the cap off of that bottle
Keg – Explosives and Demolition – Only missing a few fingers – Probably want to keep him in someone else’s car for the drive there
Ant – Not so much for engines and the like, but knows structures, hydraulics, and tunneling like the back of his hand. Has a GE Piston Suit for heavy lifting and projects of high importance like sureing mines and the foundations of large buildings.


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